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How You Can Cure Herpes Naturally at Home

Herpes is a condition that is caused by the herpes simplex virus and it is prevalent among men and women. herpes can be identified through the blisters that can appear in the lips, eyes and which will be filled with pus. The most common ways in which the herpes virus can be transferred from one person to another is by way of physical contact, sexual intercourse, and kissing. Herpes can cause pain and even lead to severe brain infection and it can be controlled through the following home remedies.

Have A Daily Dose of Apple Cider Vinegar

The apple cider vinegar is known to be the best kind of treatment because it helps in the repair of tissues and canals. You should ensure that you find the best apple cider vinegar and apply 2 teaspoons in the area that is affected to reduce the swelling and the pain. After the application, you are likely to feel less itchy and the burning sensations will disappear.

Make Use of The Tea Bags

When you use the black tea, you will be exposing the herpes virus into harsh conditions which will cause its death. You can quickly disinfect the wounds by ensuring that you apply the prepared teabags that you have boiled in the water.

Consider the Use of Hydrogen Peroxide

The Hydrogen peroxide is a good source of disinfectant as it will help to clear any kind of the blisters and the wounds. Hydrogen peroxide can be used to control the itchiness and the pain associated with the wounds from herpes.

Use the Garlic That Is Derived from The Oil Olive Oil

The garlic from the olive oil has been used as a source of medicine for the longest time. The garlic contains the antiviral abilities which ensure that they remove dirt and manage the raw blisters. The products from the olive oil is known to prevent any kind of microbial activity on the wound which speeds the healing.

You Can Use the Licorice Powder

You should ensure that you find the licorice powder and mix it with water to create a paste and later use it on the wounds and blisters. The licorice root could improve the immunity of the patient and ensure that herpes does not spread to the body of the patient. The product can also be consumed internally.

Herpes can be prevented by various ways and you should be considerate of different kind of symptoms such as pain while urinating and vaginal discharges. Although there are several different types of home management of herpes, you should visit the clinic to find the alternative types of treatment.

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