A Brief Difference between Free Climbing and Free Soloing Explained

The shortest explanation of difference between the two is free soloing need no equipment but free climbing needs anchors, ropes, and carabiners. But, the way the gear is used is different than other kinds of escalade à montreal. In free climbing, you don’t need to use gear to reach as one would use for climbing, but only used for safety purposes.

Free soloing

Free soling means climbing a route with no kind of safety equipment and the route is of a height where people would usually use some equipment to climb it. This renders free soloing different from bouldering. Bouldering also doesn’t need any equipment apart from chalk and climbing shoes either. But, bouldering takes place on rocks and are usually 4 meters high. People doing free soloing climb routes that are not held by any safety equipment with those heights that can cause an inevitable death if anyone falls from it.

Free climbing

On the contrary, this uses the full protection gear. The gear also helps in ascending. Free climbing is free soloing but with a rope to prevent you from falling. Rope doesn’t necessarily be a part. Some people argue that it does, while others don’t. In the case of top roping, the belayer can pull the rope so tight that the climber can set his grip relaxed and eliminate the pump too. Or the belayer can accumulate some tension in the rope to help the climber with leaping to the next hold. When there is a rope, it positively impacts the climbing performance. But, the rope can be deemed a protector from free falling. So, in free climbing, a climber cannot depend on his gear totally to make the route easy. Instead it makes the route harder which wouldn’t let you experience free soloing fully.

Aid climbing

This uses gear to pull yourself up a rock face. The gear involved can include static ropes, ascenders, daisy chains, fifi hooks, cam hooks and a lot more. The main distinction between aid climbing and free climbing is based on philosophy. The free climbing is when you climb up a route without using anything but your strength, skill and mindset. Aid climbing gets rid of every aspect as such for being satisfied with your climb. Free climbers may feel guilty if they carry heavy equipment, and aid climber has zero issues as such.